Weeshuis "Kasih Mulia Sejati" Jakarta Indonesië

Because of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus respect the government rules by visits on the Panti Asuhan "Kasih Mulia Sejati".


(Ned) Beste donateurs, wij willen u hartelijk bedanken voor uw giften en blijvende belangstelling voor ons weeshuis. Dank zij uw donaties kunnen wij ons werk voorzetten om deze kinderen een toekomst te blijven geven.


(IND) Para donatur yang terhormat, kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih banyak atas donasi Anda dan minat yang terus berlanjut di panti asuhan kami. Terima kasih atas donasi Anda, kami dapat melanjutkan pekerjaan kami untuk terus memberikan masa depan kepada anak-anak ini.


(ENG) Dear donors, we would like to thank you very much for your donations and continued interest in our orphanage. Thanks to your donations, we can continue our work and give these children a future.

(ENG) Some videos about the Panti Asuhan Kasih Mulia Sejati

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Selamat siang,

Mau bertanya, jumlah anak panti sekarang berapa orang ya? saya rencana mau kirim makanan


Welcome to our website. We (the project team) wants to thank everyone, who contributed in any way to the realization of this project. The football and badminton field are ready and the playground is also ready and a great success. In the next phase we will work more were the need is high, and organizational structure and events. We had visit the orphanage from june,26th, 2019 until  july 24th, 2019. It was again a great and fantastic experience to help the children and get a big smile on their faces. This is what we do it for. Here under some pictures from our visit to this wonderful orphanage in Jakarta Indonesia, and i want to thank everyone who help us to make this happened. Mil gracia.


The very nice children from K.M.S. (Panti Asuhan Kasih Mulia Sejati) can play soccer and another ballgames in the soccerfield.

From left to Right: Zuster Anastatia, Miranda, Henk en Ellis, August 2019 in KMS

First thing to do, the wish of sister Anastasia, the wall.

With many hands we have done the job with Rio and Ujang.

After the wall, the repairs of the children playground.

Placing the new slide for the young ones.

Foodpath laid out, in case of heavy rainfall, to keep your feet dry!

Purchased BBQ and lawn mover.

A children seesaw replaced.

A solid foundation made.

Relaxed time in Pakubuwono!

Sister Klara and other sisters with the children from the Kasih Mulia Sejati in Jakarta searching for fruits of plants in the garden of the orphan house, juni-2019. In the tap of the latest foto's more pictures about this event.  

Under: What a cozy Christmas event 2018, offered by a donor Charity, great! Guided by Sister Klara and Ellis Dabik.



A part of the team "Kasih Mulia Sejati", in Jakarta. They do fantastic work for the children.  

The kids are having fun in the swimming pool , waaauw!

The orphanage doing the Satora Funwalk on 18-08-2018. Good initiative, Thanks all sisters and leaders. Big Hugh from Holland for you and the children. 

We are very proud on our team from the orphanage Kasih Mulia Sejati. Under supervision of Mrs Ellis Dabik they are collecting gifts and money for the victims of the earthquakes in Lombok 2018. Great !!!!

Down: The way it was (footbal-field)


Left: Footbal-field for children.

First kickoff. Down, headsister Anastasia

After our visit of this orphanage in Jakarta, we were completely impressed about the way the volunteers committed with and for the the baby's and children. The age of the orphans children is variable from 5 months until 16 years old. When they reach the 16 years then they may go to private family's and learn a independent live. This with financial support until they standing on her own.

The play and sports equipment that is in the orphanage available is very bad. Most of it is broken and has to be repaired. Thats why we have started up the "Sport project". You can see and read more about the sport project on the about us page.

Clothes, shoes, and food is enough available in this orphanage, but in the sport sector, there is a lot to do.

We had spoken with the head of the orphanage, sister Anastasia and decided that we have the next priority's to work on.

1. A sports field for badminton and football.

2. Repair of the playground equipment.

3. Donations for education for the older children.

Contact: Fill in this form. 


Here under a impression how we made it !!

Its only the beginning for the footbalfield.

The first line

Exciting, the goals in wording.

The corner flags on his place on the field.


The delivery of the goals.

The first penalty.


Officialy kickoff of the footbal field by Headsister Anastasia.

And then the badminton field.

Lines with bamboo sticks, sink in the earth.