(ENG) Due to government measures and strict compliance, no Covid-19 cases have been found within the orphanage.

(NED) Door de maatregelen van de overheid, en het strenge naleven zijn er binnen het weeshuis, geen Covid-19 gevallen aangetroffen.


(IND) Karena tindakan pemerintah dan kepatuhan yang ketat, tidak ada kasus Covid-19 yang ditemukan di panti asuhan.

(ENG) Oktober  2020 Dear visitors, its not allowed during the Covid-19 partial lockdown to visit the orphanage. We are very sorry, but its government rules.


Message about flooding on January 9, 2020.

Nuisance from the flood luckily not inside the orphanage. The water came to the curb, and luckily fell again after a few days of rain.


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Junita Pangaribuan
2 months ago

Perkenalkan saya Junita. Saya mau bertanya apakah ada program sukarela yang disediakan untuk menjadi pengasih?
Saya berminta, bersedia, dan sedang mencari program sukarela untuk membantu teman2 di yayasan untuk merawat anak-anak.
Boleh informasi nya ya
Terima kasih

Visit Orphanage from 26 June to 24 July 2019 What we expected from it again came true. The welcome from the children and sisters of the orphanage was heart warming. children in front of the windows and in the reception room. What a great feeling it gives, the appreciation and the happy faces of the children and sisters. We have put the agreements that we could make with sister Anastasia on the inventory list and were able to get started. The new slide had already been ordered and made before, so that was a matter of planning when it was delivered. Fortunately that was already possible after a few days.

The sister's first wish was to install a wall at the storage room near the playground. We went to work on this to buy materials to realize this. We needed, among other things, frame beams, paint, sandpaper, brushes ect, ect. Good that we could let Isje's brother do this himself, because otherwise we would have lost the multiple of the original price. After some measurement work, the plan was already put together. We were able to use the experience we had from last year to estimate when, how, what and who does what. We even hired a supervisor for a year who is responsible for overseeing the items and doing minor repairs ourselves. Indicate larger matters, and possibly plan them for future visits if it can wait. In this way we hope to keep more control over the things and not first to repair everything every year, but to immediately start with the other plans.

A good example was the duo swing, completely refurbished last year, but this year still having to do all kinds of repairs such as welding and paints. It is again pico bello in order and the kids have fun again. The construction of a footpath for the storage loft was desperately needed. In the rainy season the sisters and staff often got dirty feet because they had to walk through the mud on the last stretch to make things or wash them. Now you can walk the last part of the extended part of the footpath without getting your feet wet. We had already purchased bags of cement and sand and the company brought them neatly with a truck. We needed this to embed the various playground equipment. Sometimes there was no tool that we could use, so we had to buy it at the ACE, a kind of Gamma store in the Ganderia City mall. After the work we were able to rest in the evening and swim a few laps in the pool. 

We had also organized a real football match with a Cup brought from Holland, for the winning team. The team with the yellow vests consisted of: Sio, Andrew, Radit, Daniel, Aim and Captain Angel. The team without vests consisted of: Tios, Daniël, Stephan, Ben and Erlan with Eva as team captain. It was a beautiful game with a lot of struggle, and it ended with a 6-6 draw. So the famous peanlties had to get involved in deciding who the winners were. Angel's team eventually became the winner, with a penal series of 5-0. After the game, a delicious BBQ was enjoyed, where the sisters and all employees of the orphanage visibly enjoyed. It was our goodbye party untill the next time. Probably in December 2019.



Terrible earthquakes in Lombok 2018.